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Asset & Investment Tracking

Search and track down perpetrators of financial frauds & scams

Search and locate people around the world


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Private Investigator Geneva

  • Speaks your language
  • Geneva Private investigator since 2012
  • Former member of the Federal Intelligence Services in Brussels
  • Private investigator in Switzerland, registered under licence GE0574
  • Registered in the trade register under CHE-340.666.170


  • 99% success rate solving cases
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  • Over 33 years experience

We respect the anonymity of our customers and the confidentiality of information.
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The Detective
The Detective - CEO

When the truth needs a voice, our agency vouches. As a private investigator, being chosen to share our skills on national channels like RTS and TF1 stands as a proof of our commitment to transparency and solving mysteries. With us, the truth is never far from the spotlight, because every investigation deserves to be heard and understood by the general public.

Offering Private Investigation Services

Domestic Intelligence

Mobile phone intelligence

When you suspect something's wrong with your child and you want to know if cellular can talk.

Domestic Intelligence

Find someone somewhere

You have very few intelligence on your father and you want to know where he lives and how.

Domestic Intelligence

Counter-stalking & Harassment Situation

Every year, approximately 1.5 million men, women and children are victims of harassment in the USA.

Domestic Intelligence

Domestic surveillance services

You need to know more about nanny or children when home

Asset tracking
Domestic Intelligence

Asset tracking

you need to know where funds were transferred, who really catch funds

Domestic Intelligence

Monitoring a Cheating Spouse

Monitoring a Cheating Spouse‎ suspected of being unfaithful

Domestic Intelligence


Follow someone for days, weeks, months

Business Intelligence

Financial Frauds

You have been a victim of Financial Fraud

Log and information capture
Domestic Intelligence

Log and information capture

To know a person's travel habits

Domestic Intelligence

Child custody

You need to keep or to recover your child custody and You need proof and evidence in your favor

Domestic Intelligence


After 2 or 3 weeks we will provide you with a detailed report to see the big picture of the character of an individual

Technical surveillance
Technical Intelligence

Cyber investigations:

you want to know who's behind a Snapchat, instagram nickname or who sent you a threatening or blackmail e-mail

Foot mobile surveillance
Technical Intelligence

Foot & mobile surveillance

A professional service to provide you with information about all about an individual on foot or public transport / taxi (needs two agents)

Business Intelligence

Insurance fraud investigation

Have you been a victum of Insurance fraud, call us!

Asset Investigations
Domestic Intelligence

Asset Investigations

We help you discover any hidden assets and/or funds of the individual with whom you are entering into a professional or personal relationship

Domestic Intelligence

Alimony reduction

A revision or reduction of alimony can be seriously considered in cases where you feel that elements are being hidden from you, such as undeclared work or financial assistance from a new friend, for example.

Business Intelligence

Unfair Competition

Company directors can call on the services of a private investigator at any time if they have reason to believe that their company is or has been the victim of unfair competition.

Custom Intelligence

Customized solutions

We apply flat rates for long-term monitoring. We tailor our solutions to your needs and resources

Custom Intelligence

Technical surveillance

Includes monitoring a person's or group's online activity, public social media, participation in online forums or any other publicly accessible online or digital activity.

Background check
Domestic Intelligence

Background checks

Nanny/contractor/home-healthcare Background checks/partner surveillance alimony reduction


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